Welcome to Unit 10 - Crime and Punishment

Activity (1) Listening

a. Listen to The End of Poverty -(source: Pearsonlongman)
b. Write your reaction on the topic and then publish it on your group-blog.

Activity (2) - Video
"Kiran Bedi is an amazing Indian women who managed one of India's toughest prisons. She turned the prison into a center of learning and meditation! Watch the video now to hear her story, and then, answer the questions below

1) What do you think of Kiran Bedi? 2) Would you do what she did if you were in her situation? 3) Does it work in Kuwait? Why not?

Activity (3) - Grammar

See Perfect Tenses presentations at http://english090.wikispaces.com/Perfect_Tenses

Activity (4) Reading


a. Click on the photo to go to the source page, and then start reading about Slavery in the world.
b. Write and publish your reaction or opinion on the topic on your group-blog.
c. Read the news item, "John Lennon's Killer Says Why He Did It". Do you agree or disagree with the killer?