Welcome to Unit 9: Is Our Climate Changing?

Activity (1) Listen to Making Informed Decision (Source: PearsonLongman)

Activity (2) - Reading

Use Memidex.com dictionary to find definitions of new words.

Cuban Drought

  1. What does drought mean? Click on the photo above to learn more about the Cuban drought.
  2. What is Green Wedding? Click on Lee Kyung-jae to read about the young Korean designer who designs nature-friendly, biodegradable dresses.
  3. Write a contrast paragraph about current weddings and green weddings, focusing on the differences between the two kinds of wedding. You can state which kind of wedding you prefer!
  4. Post your paragraph to your blog.your blogs

(3) - Video

David Keith is an environmentalist scientist and a thinker who studies our climate.
Watch the video of David Keith, and carefully listen to his unusual climate change idea or solution.

A) Do you agree or disagree with David's climate change idea or solution? Why? Why not? Post your answers to your blogs.
B) In this video, David Keith used a lot of words you learned in Unit 9. List some of these words.

Activity (4) - Listen and Write

  1. Go to http://www.listen-and-write.com/audio/level/10
  2. Select a topic that you like, and start
  3. Note that you can select the language level that you feel confident with
  4. Use Phran.in to help you write or choose better sentences

Activity (5)

Think about The Solar Tower as a solution for the problem of pollution in Kuwait. Do you think it is practical to do it here? Why? Why not?