Multicultural Uniqueness

A Video Project

What Makes Your Country Unique?

Some background information about this project:
The idea of this project came from one of my Webhead colleagues, Ronaldo who is in Brazil. I liked the idea and asked my students to create a video about What Makes Kuwait a Unique Country?

  1. You will create a video about the things that make your country, Kuwait unique.
  2. You can include images of modern and old or historical places in Kuwait, landmarks, and social events and activities; other ideas are all welcome of course.
  3. See examples of videos done by students in Brazil, Sudan and Japan- you can see more videos at

Creating the video
  1. Organize your photos or images that you took or found through Google Images.
  2. Use Window MovieMaker OR Animoto
  3. To use Animoto, create your account at
  4. Then, upload your images and select your background music.
  5. Your video should be ready now to be posted and published on