Videoconferencing Project: Kuwait - Korea

A Cross-Cultural Project between EFL and AFL Students in MIZY Seoul Youth Center for Cultural Exchange & //**English Language Unit of Science College, Kuwait University**//

  • Program and Details are HERE
  • Photos and video are HERE
Main Topics:
  • Kuwait University students will talk about: Kuwaiti Customs, Traditions, Economy and Industry in the Past & Present
  • MIZY Seoul Youth Cultural Center students will talk about: Korean Wedding, Economy, Industry, Clothing and Traditional Holidays in the Past & Present
We (heart) You!, by Eman :)
Our Korean New Friends :)
Kuwait University
MIZY Center

I would like to thank all the Kuwaiti and Korean students who volunteered to participate in this cross-cultural, educational conference. And, I would like to thank Ms. Youngran Choi for her great cooperation and collaboration. I hope we all enjoy this new learning experience and find it beneficial. (Buthaina AlOthman)