English 090/60 – Fall 2010
8-11 Sentence-Contrast Paragraph


Even though my sister and I are twins, we are very different. First, she lives in the United States with her husband and children. Her daughters’ names are Nicole and Katie. On the other hand, I live in Kuwait and I live by myself. Our jobs are different, too. She works in a bank while I am a teacher. Unlike my sister, I am not very good with numbers. A final difference is in our abilities. My sister is good at art, and she can draw wonderful pictures. However, the pictures I draw are not very good. These are some differences between my sister and myself.

You can outline your ideas and details to make it easier for you to think and write, (see the example, below).


I. Topic sentence
II. Body
. Difference 1
1) Detail
2) Detail
. Difference 2
1) Detail
2) Detail
. Difference 3
1) Detail
2) Detail
III. Concluding sentence

Source: Adapted from the Contrast Paragraph handout, by Ms. Nancy (The coordinator of English 090).